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Imouto Wa Gal Kawaii 1
2,413 Views · 4 months ago

⁣My new step sister has a bad habit of wearing almost nothing, and sometimes actually nothing, around me when we are at home...
But I can't tell if she's doing it on purpose or not... guess it's time to find out!

Issho Ni Ecchi 1
566 Views · 4 months ago

⁣After answering the summons of Momoka, the school nurse, the protagonist is forced to engage in various sexual acts with her.
Later, the protagonist accidentally witnesses Momoka's younger sister, Maron, masturbating. He is discovered and Maron counterattacks by stripping him and giving hand and foot jobs. One thing leads to another and he ends up taking her virginity.
Finally, the three of them go to a public bathhouse and end up in a threesome play.

Furifure 1
927 Views · 4 months ago

⁣Based on the adult novel by Noesis, Ori and Kizoku Coffee.
Yui had a quarrel with her parents and ran away from home. When she walks around the town, she meets her friend and she is tricked into joining a matchmaking website called Free Friends. She just waits for someone contacting her though she doesn't know much about it. The main character accidentally finds it and contacts her. On that night, they meet in the town full of libido and...

Furifure 2 - Episode 3
315 Views · 3 months ago

⁣Forgetting any sort of bashfulness in their passionate relationship, the two continue to live their daily lives. In fact, their love affair only gets hotter by the day. Their rendezvous at school only get more dangerous too. Sumire continues to fall deeper into the main character’s trap, yearning more and more for his stuff. In the midst of her fall, Miki’s phone ends up falling right next to her…

Houkago No Yuutousei 3
215 Views · 2 months ago

⁣From the original "Honor students after school" series.
Part 1: Concealed Curiosity
Moriyama-san was instantly in love when he first saw Izumi Yurako, who has recently been transferred to the city. Having confessed and was somehow miraculously accepted by Yurako, the two start their relationship in many physical ways. Unknown to Moriyama, Izumi is quite the nympho but goes along with her dangerous advances...
Part 2: Essential Lesson for An Honor Student
Hina Michika (Mikage Hinamachi) grew up in a rich household and attends a private girls-only's school in the city. In this school, all the girls are sexually suppressed since there are no boys around. Even if they want to have erotic encounters, there are certain dangers with paid dating and random guys so Hinamachi-san decided to hire a tutor for ecchi purposes instead!

Issho Ni H Shiyo! 1
335 Views · 14 days ago

⁣Miyazawa Akina Chapter: The energetic Miyazawa Akina is a member of a softball team. She becomes drunk during the post-game celebrations, hops onto a train, and arrives at the house of her childhood friend.

Issho Ni H Shiyo! 2
116 Views · 14 days ago

⁣Takai Haruka Chapter: Takai Haruka is an obedient girl whose long hair really suits her. Today is the first day that she is visiting the house of her boyfriend, a senior at school.

Issho Ni H Shiyo! 3
181 Views · 14 days ago

⁣Tsuji Suzuran Chapter: Tsuji Suzuran, from the Worldwide Maid Organization, completely messed up her assigned household chores. To compensate, she uses her body to satisfy her employer.

Issho Ni H Shiyo! 4
330 Views · 14 days ago

⁣Yui & Aoi Chapter: One night, the protaganist's sister-in-law, Hamada Yui, returns home bringing along her friend Fukunaga Aoi. The two are drunk and create such a fuss that the protaganist is unable to study. He goes to complain to them, but they have other plans...